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The shelf life of our products

The shelf life of our products can generally be deduced from the best-before date provided. Like with all other food products, the best-before date specifies the latest point in time at which we can guarantee that the goods are in perfect condition if stored appropriately. It does not imply that the goods are necessarily spoilt after the date.

You will find two different best-before dates on our products:

  1. for storage in an unfrozen state (2 °C)
  2. for storage in a flash-frozen/fresh-frozen state (-18 °C)

For reasons of hygiene, meat and fish products should be left in their original packaging for defrosting. Do not store meat in the refrigerator any longer than necessary. Sometimes, you cannot avoid leftovers: guests may cancel or you may simply have ordered too much meat. If you decide

  • to freeze non-frozen goods
  • to defrost frozen goods and store them in the refrigerator
  • to defrost and refreeze frozen goods*

we recommend that you do not exceed the following storage periods:

  • products frozen for the first time > six months
  • storage of defrosted (vacuum-packed) products in the refrigerator > 3 days (2° – 7 °C)
  • refrozen products > until the specified best-before date

The shelf life of meat generally depends on the temperatures and temperature variation to which the meat is subjected. The higher the storage temperature and temperature variation, the shorter the period for which the meat can be stored.

* Refreezing food products is generally unproblematic, especially if the product has to be heated before consumption. The nutrients and vitamin content of the food does deteriorate, but refreezing is more hygienic than refrigeration at temperatures above zero. For reasons of hygiene, also keep the following in mind: If the food product can be prepared or consumed at the time of refreezing, you can refreeze it without any concern. The faster the refreezing process, the better it is for the food.

Our own tests have shown that refreezing meat does not affect its flavour. Our meat is of such high quality that any theoretical deterioration is virtually unnoticeable.

If you have questions about the shelf life of our products, please call +49 2452 - 97626 - 0 or e-mail .

If you have any further questions about freezing and refrigeration, please contact the German Institute for Frozen Foods (DTI).