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Quality criteria

Our aspiration: indulgence with a clear conscience.
This, we guarantee.

Breeds with a good genetic disposition make our work efficient. After all: the main traits of a breed constitute the basis for optimal meat products. Livestock must be given sufficient time to develop fully and be slaughtered at the best age – and breeders who know their craft well enough to adhere to this maxim are worth their weight in gold. The result is (almost) priceless: perfectly aged meat for your perfect culinary delight.


Our quality criteria

1. Breeders who invest in the best possible beef cattle breeds:

the quality of an animal depends entirely on its genes. Unlike animals that are subjected to intensive fattening, certain breeds have a naturally ideal ratio of muscle to fat marbling.

2. Natural feed & appropriate rearing with an emphasis on animal welfare,

plenty of grazing time and, in most cases, free-range farming throughout the year are crucial aspects of appropriate and humane animal husbandry.

3. Optimal age at slaughter

Older animals (e.g. cows) produce considerably higher-quality meat, as their physical development is nearly complete.

4. Perfect ageing

Meat produced for human consumption should be thoroughly hung. This period of “idleness” is time-consuming, however. As meat ages, natural enzymes break down the protein in the muscles, which hardens considerably as a result of the slaughter; the entire process takes at least two weeks. Only then does the connective tissue break down, allowing the meat to become tender. 

5. 100% traceability

Knowing where your meat comes from. Knowing who feels responsible for the animals and the quality. Simply feeling confident. This is especially important when it comes to sensitive foods. We maintain close contact with all our breeders, producers and suppliers. Regular exchange allows us to know everything there is to know about the animals. Any questions?