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Order good meat online – how will your order arrive?

This is how we get your order to your doorstep in perfect condition:  


  • Cooling with dry ice*
    or cold packs in the case of fresh goods
  • Safety lid for air-tight storage
  • Food-safe Styrofoam box that keeps the goods cool for several days
  • Sturdy shipping box

*We ship your goods in sturdy Styrofoam boxes with a thickness of three centimetres, filled with cold packs and/or dry ice to ensure an uninterrupted cold chain. Hermetically packaged fresh meat (vacuum-packed) is shipped with cold packs; flash-frozen goods will additionally be packaged with dry ice (-78.5 °C) to create a temperature equivalent to that of a regular deep freezer. Dry ice has no adverse effect on the food or its packaging and transitions directly from a solid to a gaseous state without turning liquid or leaving residue (hence the term “dry ice”).

By the way: dry ice keeps goods cold for many hours after the regular ice from the cold packs has already melted. All products are additionally bubble-wrapped. This helps protect our high-grade goods during transport.

Incidentally, OTTO GOURMET also contributes to protecting the environment: in cooperation with our logistics partner, United Parcel Service (UPS), we have chosen to use “carbon-neutral shipment™”, a CO2-neutral delivery method.