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Morgan Ranch Wagyu Sirloin Fillet Medallions

Readily portioned medallions from the Morgan Ranch. Cut from the lean rump fillet of Wagyu cattle.
Wagyu Sirloin Filet Medaillons
  • Wagyu Sirloin Filet Medaillons
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freshfrozen article

2 x ca. 200 g

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The rump fillet is the less-used part of the hip.
We offer readily portioned rump fillet medallions.
Note, however, that the term ‘sirloin’ refers to different things in the UK and the US: British rump steak is called sirloin in the United States, and British sirloin is called porterhouse.

OTTO GOURMET is the only German supplier of Wagyu meat from the Morgan Ranch in Nebraska/USA. Dan Morgan is one of the first Wagyu breeders in the United States; he has been rearing the black cattle for 25 years.
The most unique feature of this breed of cattle is the intensive fat marbling of its meat. It gives the meat an excellent taste and incomparable tenderness and succulence. Paradise for meat lovers!

Please keep in mind that this product should only be cooked rare or medium rare.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 2034
Breeder Morgan Ranch
Origin USA
Region Nebraska
Breed Certified American Wagyu
Feeding min. 210 days Feedlot: grass, corn, alfalfa, hay, mash, minerals
Ageing wet-aged
Cut Sirloin
Best before See label
Packaging Vacuum - individually removable
Preparation Barbecue, Low & Slow, Roasting