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Morgan Ranch Wagyu Ribeye Steak


The classic steak from the Morgan Ranch with intensive fat marbling. Juicy, flavoursome and with a robust bite to it. Wagyu beef.

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Morgan Ranch Wagyu Ribeye, 280 g
Morgan Ranch Wagyu Ribeye
Wo liegt das Ribeye?
  • Morgan Ranch Wagyu Ribeye, 280 g
  • Morgan Ranch Wagyu Ribeye
  • Wo liegt das Ribeye?
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2 x ca. 280 g

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Culinary enjoyment
“The world’s most sought-after steak”  has the highest marbling of all loin cuts and an unusually delicate texture. It is perfect for sautéing or barbecuing. Rib eye steaks from the Morgan Ranch have a very aromatic, buttery-soft flavour; they are easy to chew, yet incredibly succulent.

Certified American Wagyu is the ultimate delight for connoisseurs: The meat from this breed of cattle is distinguished by its intensive marbling, which gives the meat an excellent taste and incomparable tenderness and succulence. OTTO GOURMET is the only German supplier of Wagyu meat from the Morgan Ranch in Nebraska/USA. Dan Morgan, one of the first Wagyu breeders in the United States, has been rearing the black cattle for almost 25 years.

The rib eye comes from the frontal section of the loin piece; it is known as entrecôte, Scotch fillet or club. Contrary to popular belief, it is distinguished not by its fatty  “eye”, which is not always pronounced, but from the three or four muscles that form the cut: the cap, backstrap, lip and rib eye fillet. The rib eye fillet is a small, round muscle that vaguely resembles an eye. Thanks to its fine marbling, rib eye steaks are juicy and incomparably flavoursome. Especially male connoisseurs love it.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 2003
Breeder Morgan Ranch
Origin USA
Region Nebraska
Breed Certified American Wagyu
Feeding min. 210 days Feedlot: grass, corn, alfalfa, hay, mash, minerals
Ageing wet-aged
Cut Back
Structure 3 muscle groups
Best before See label
Packaging Vacuum - individually removable
Preparation Barbecue, Low & Slow, Roasting, Sous Vide
Storage area Depot Product