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Morgan Ranch Wagyu Beef Sampler

Ribeye, Strip Loin, Sirloin Medaillons, Burger & Bread

Fine Wagyu beef from the Morgan Ranch in different cuts. Find your personal favourite patty and save more than EUR 18 compared to individual purchases.
Morgan Ranch Wagyu Paket
Morgan Ranch Wagyu Steakhouse Burger
Wo liegt das Ribeye?
Wo liegt das Strip Loin?
Wo liegt das Sirloin?
Wie setzten sich Burger zusammen?
  • Morgan Ranch Wagyu Paket
  • Morgan Ranch Wagyu Steakhouse Burger
  • Wo liegt das Ribeye?
  • Wo liegt das Strip Loin?
  • Wo liegt das Sirloin?
  • Wie setzten sich Burger zusammen?
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The ultimate delight for connoisseurs: US Wagyu beef. The most unique feature of this breed of cattle is the intensive fat marbling of its meat. It gives the meat an excellent taste and incomparable tenderness and succulence. Paradise for meat lovers!

OTTO GOURMET is the only German supplier of Wagyu meat from the Morgan Ranch in Nebraska/USA. Dan Morgan, one of the first Wagyu breeders in the United States, has been rearing the black cattle for almost 25 years.

The rib eye comes from the frontal section of the back piece; it is known as entrecôte, Scotch fillet or club. As one of the most frequently used muscle groups, it is perfect for sautéing. Contrary to popular belief, it derives its name not from the fatty “eye”, which is not always pronounced, but from the three or four muscles that form the cut: the rib eye centre, enclosed by the rib eye cap (which is particularly rich in connective tissue) is the largest of them, and if you look closely, it resembles an eye. This piece also constitutes the end of the roast, i.e. the round part of the rump, and is frequently referred to as “round roast”. The conical fillet of the rib eye is the shortest muscle of the entrecôte. It is only part of the piece if the cut is made between the eighth and tenth rib. Strictly speaking, the rib eye cap is part of the entrecôte; it is considered to be especially rich in connective tissue, rather than a particularly lean piece of meat, however. Thanks to its fine marbling, rib eye steaks are juicy and incomparably flavoursome. The favourite of our male connoisseurs

The strip loin comes from the short loin and is also known as contrefilet or sirloin steak. Outside of New York, it is sometimes referred to as a “New York strip”. Much like the characteristic “fatty eye” of the rib eye steak, the distinguishing feature of a strip loin is the visible fat lining its outer edge. This fatty edge should NOT be removed before the meat is fried, as it is crucial for maintaining its juiciness. Following the fillet, the strip loin is the most sought-after part of the cow. Cut into a steak, it weighs approximately 250 grams with a thickness of 2–3 centimetres. Seared and doused with butter – a dream come true for steak lovers.

4x Wagyu steakhouse burger patties (beef burger) with hand-made burger buns (wheat buns with spelt and milk).

Defrosting tip for the burger buns:
the buns are pre-baked. They best unfold their full flavour if they are left to thaw at room temperature without their packaging for approximately 2 hours and then briefly heated, e.g. on a suitable toaster.
Our kitchen team recommends: Briefly roast the bun halves (cut surface down) in the same pan you used for your Wagyu steakhouse burgers.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 2007
Ingredients Wagyu Burger: Wagyu Rindfleisch (98%), Sylter Meersalz, brauner Rohrzucker, Senfmehl, schwarzer Pfeffer.

Burgerbrötchen: Weizenmehl, Dinkelmehl (16%), Wasser, Vollmilch (5%), Margarine (pflanzliche Fette (Palmöl, Kokosöl in veränderlichen Gewichtsanteilen), Wasser, pflanzliche Öle (Rapsöl), pflanzliche Fette teilweise gehärtet (Palmöl); Emulgator: Mono- und Diglyceride von Speisefettsäuren, Lecithin aus Sonnenblumen; Speisesalz, Aroma, Säuerungsmittel: Citronensäure; Farbstoffe: Beta-Carotin), Hefe, Sonnenblumenkerne, Speisesalz, Zucker, Süßlupinenschrot, Sesamsaat, Sauerteige getrocknet (Weizen-, Dinkelvollkorn), Traubenzucker, Kartoffelflocken, Emulgator: Natriumstearoyl-2-lactylat, Weizenmalzmehl, Gerstenmalzextrakt, getrockneter Weizenkleber, Säureregulator: Natriumacetate, Dekor: Hartweizengries.
Breeder Morgan Ranch
Company responsible Burger Patty: Gebr. Otto Gourmet GmbH, Boos-Fremery Str. 62, 52525 Heinsberg Burger Brötchen: Kremers-Kupietz GmbH, Apfelstraße 26 - 28, 52525 Heinsberg, Deutschland
Origin USA
Region Nebraska
Breed Certified American Wagyu
Feeding min. 210 days Feedlot: grass, corn, alfalfa, hay, mash, minerals
Ageing wet-aged
Cut diverse, Sampling Package
Best before See label
Packaging Vacuum
Preparation Barbecue, Low & Slow, Roasting, Sous Vide

Nutrition Facts Burgerbrötchen handgeformt 200 g (4 x 50 g)

Nutrition Facts Wagyu Steakhouse Burger, gewürzt 340 g (2 x 170 g)