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Miéral Excellence Barbarie Duck, effilé

Canette Barbarie éffilé, female

Female duck, extremely delicious with an optimal ratio of fat to meat and especially red meat – extraordinary Miéral quality. The Excellence Muscovy ducks have thin skin with a layer of subcutaneous fat. This fat melts during preparation, which makes the skin wonderfully crispy. The animals have been hung for the optimal amount of time to ensure a perfect culinary experience.

Miéral Excellence Barbarie Ente, effiliert
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fresh article

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Miéral’s ducks are reared in free-range conditions at farms in the Bresse region. They receive the same feed as hens and poulards. The female ducks are slaughtered at an age of 16–20 weeks, the drakes at 18–20 weeks. Miéral’s Excellence Muscovy ducks have particularly red, lean and delicious meat for true connoisseurs. Please note that delivery may take up to 10 days.

Gutted poultry is also called paunched. It is manually removed after the slaughter to avoid cutting the animal. This prevents the spread of intestinal bacteria. All other organs and the head and feet remain intact, which gives the meat a longer shelf life and provides insights into the keeping of the animal. Only unhurt feet imply high standards of animal welfare.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 5001
Breed Barbarie-Duck
Breeder Jean Claude Miéral
Origin France
Region Bresse
Cut Whole animal with giblets without intestine
Best before 6 - 12 days from the date of slaughter
Packaging Carton
Verfügbarkeit Goods will be ordered for you
Preparation Oven