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Miéral Chicken AOP de Bresse, effilé

Poulet de Bresse, effilé

A top-class Bresse chicken. The fresh, AOP-certified Miéral poulet has tender, yet firm meat and an unmistakable aroma.
Miéral Bresshuhn AOP de Bresse
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fresh article

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Miéral’s vision of the perfect chicken has succeeded: his capons and hens from Montrevel de Bresse are AOP-certified, much like the Galician national treasures of wine and cheese. AOP is a protection of origin (Appellation d’Origine Protégée): only top-quality poultry from Bresse is awarded the certification.

The term “Bresse poultry”, then, is synonymous with outstanding quality. And Jean Claude Miéral goes even further. The perfect Miéral chicken is strong and muscular in appearance, with white feathers and strong, blueish legs. Thanks to its special diet, it has a delicate, entirely inimitable flavour. In addition to its natural feed, the perfect Bresse chicken from Miéral’s premium range receives corn, boiled corn, buckwheat and milk. Out of currently 400 Bresse breeders, Miéral has selected 40 who meet his requirements. Every day,  he personally visits between eight and fifteen breeders to choose the best animals.

The process of  gutting  poultry is also called “paunching”. It is manually removed after the slaughter to avoid cutting the animal. This prevents the spread of intestinal bacteria. All other organs and the head and feet remain intact, which gives the meat a longer shelf life and provides insights into the keeping of the animal.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 5017
Breeder Jean Claude Miéral
Origin France
Region Bresse
Feeding Corn, cooked grain, buckwheat and cream
Cut Whole animal with giblets without intestine
Best before 6 - 12 days from the date of slaughter
Packaging Carton
Verfügbarkeit Goods will be ordered for you
Preparation Backofen