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Miéral Capon AOP de Bresse, ready to cook

Chapon de Bresse, PAC

The crème de la crème. A traditional French Christmas roast from the legendary breeder Miéral. Tender, succulent, with pearlescent skin. Perfectly prepared and gutted for an immediate cooking experience.

Miéral Kapaun AOP de Bresse
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freshfrozen article

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Miéral’s vision of the perfect chicken has succeeded: his capons and hens from Montrevel de Bresse are AOP-certified, much like the Gallic national treasures of wine and cheese. AOP is a protection of origin (Appellation d’Origine Protégée): only top-quality poultry from Bresse is awarded the certification.

A capon, French chapon, is a rooster that is surgically neutered at the age of 10 weeks. Capons are the traditional French Christmas roasts and bred specifically for that date. By then they are eight months old and weigh at least three kilograms. Up to that point, the capons spend their lives on the pastures, just like regular Bresse chickens. There they exclusively feed on natural food for which they forage in the grass, by the streams and underneath the trees: larvae, worms, insects and grass. This is complemented with a special feed consisting of corn, boiled corn, buckwheat and cream.

Did you know?: the cream comes from cows living on the same pastures as the poultry.

To refine the high-class meat of the Chapon de Bresse AOP even further, the slaughtered animal is hand-plucked and wrapped in a linen corset. This traditional production method makes the meat even more tender.

Delivered ready for preparation (without offal, head, feet; plucked)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 5153
Breeder Jean Claude Miéral
Origin France
Region Bresse
Feeding Corn, cooked grain, buckwheat and cream
Cut Whole animal without giblets, head and feet
Best before 6 - 12 days from the date of slaughter
Packaging Carton
Preparation Backofen