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Premium Burger by OTTO GOURMET

You can never go wrong on Burgers! - It all began in the city of Hamburg where Emigrants boarded an overseas steamship towards America. Subsequently the Burger became famous when it was brought to New York. Meanwhile the Burger is famous all over the world.

Our steakhouse premium burgers from Bison, Wagyu and American Beef are a great option to the classic hamburger. Due to their valuable ingredients you can speak of an excellent quality that is big on flavor and incomparably juicy.

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What makes our premium burgers premium burger special?

The quality makes the difference!

Our homemade 170 gramms Burger Patties come from animals that have had a species-appropriate breeding, rearing and natural feeding. While many Burgerpatties tend to dry out very easily during cooking, you will notice that the special feeding of the animals prevents this on our Premium Burgers.

We recommend: Don’t wait until the Burger is well done. A medium fried Patty will make your burger a lot juicier and tastier!

Not only does the meat itself provide a great taste. Our handmade burger buns also stand out in terms of taste and texture. It is recommended to put both slides of the Bun on the grill or the pan for a short time sothat they will be extra crunchy.

Discover the Variety of OTTO GOURMET´s Burgers now!

In addition to premium burgers from Wagyu and bison, burgers from the world's largest cattle breed, Chianina beef, are also available. Due to our Dry-Ageing methods used on the Chianina Steakhouse Burger they even have a more intensified taste.

Mini Wagyu Burger are a hit at every party. We promise you they sold like hotcakes!

At the same time you should not miss the valuable ingredients on top of it. With Livar Bacon for example you can add a certain something to every burger.

Just do it yourself! – Create premium burgers in your own by using the Big Green Egg burger press. Our Shop offers a broad range of minced meat from which you can choose your favorite one. Then put it in the press and add all your desired ingredients to it – now that’s how you create YOUR BURGER!