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Delicious poultry from animal-friendly farming

Chicken is the perfect meat for a pleasurable, low-fat diet – as a Sunday roast, a healthy stir-fry or a simple snack. Our chickens are raised in animal-friendly conditions with sufficient time and space to roam free. They are given natural feed only, which makes their meat particularly flavoursome.

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What is special about Miéral poultry?

The welfare of his animals is Jean Claude Miéral’s highest priority. We source our Miéral Bresse chicken directly from Miéral in Montrevel de Bresse. This AOP-certified poultry is subject to stringent requirements governing breed, rearing methods and feed.

What is Label Rouge?

Label Rouge is a seal of approval for high-quality products from France. It is awarded on behalf of the French Ministry of Agriculture. Our Label Rouge poultry comes from the Dombes, a region in eastern France near Bresse. In addition to perfect quality and the strictest controls, it must meet the following criteria:

• slow-growing breed with high-quality meat

• small groups (free-range or kept outdoors)

• fed with 80 % grains or corn. Vegetable protein may be added to the feed.

• slaughter not before sexual maturity. Label Rouge poultry grow almost twice as old as regular poultry. Their skin is particularly delicate, their meat is firm and lean.

What is special about Gillbachtal chickens?

Gillbachtal chickens from Gänsepeter in Rommerskirchen are given only GMO-free feed; they are reared in a humane environment and roam freely. Their special feed, half of which is regionally sourced corn, gives their meat a slightly yellow tint and a pleasantly intense flavour.