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Wagyu beef

Meat in perfection

Wagyu beef – nothing can surpass the flavour of this exclusive meat: shiny, white fat, the finest marbling and an optimal fat-to-meat ratio. Experience umami, the fifth flavour, at its most intense and best. Otto Gourmet offers certified American Wagyu beef produced by Dan Morgan, the best breeder in the United States, Wagyu from purebred Australian Wagyu cattle, original Japanese Wagyu beef from Kobe and original Wagyu beef from the Japanese breeder Ozaki.

This page presents a small selection from our Wagyu range. You can find more Wagyu items in the subcategories.

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What is so special about Wagyu beef?

The genetic material of the Tajima cattle breed from Japan has remained unchanged for centuries. It was only after the end of the Meiji period in the late nineteenth century that the meat from the former working animals became part of the Japanese diet. Ever since, original Japanese beef has been considered a special delicacy. Japanese chefs celebrate its preparation with unabashed pride.

Original Japanese Wagyu beef is unparalleled in its tenderness – a true culinary revelation. The intramuscular fat of the cattle has an extremely low melting point of 25 °C, giving the meat its uniquely creamy consistency. Not only does it quite literally melt on your tongue, it also releases a burst of umami (the fifth flavour) across your taste buds. The sensation cannot be put into words – you will have to give it a try.

Wagyu beef has only been approved for export from Japan (and import to Europe) since the summer of 2014. But connoisseurs outside the island were already able to savour this special treat before then. Through skilful crossbreeding, elaborate feeding methods and ethical husbandry on large pastures, US-American and Australian breeders successfully reared cattle that closely resembles the Wagyu breed. The Morgan Ranch in Nebraska/USA and David Blackmore from Australia have gained decades of experience with the exclusive cows.

What criteria do the Japanese use to appraise their beef?

In Japan, beef is rated on the basis of five grades, ranging from 5 (very good) to 1. An additional distinction is made

  1. on the basis of the Beef Marbling Score (BMS), which rates the fat marbling in the meat on a scale from 1 (poor) to 12 (good).
  2. Meat colour and lightness (BCS Beef Colour Score)
  3. Firmness and texture
  4. Fat colour and shine (BFS Beef Fat Score)

The net meat yield receives a score from A to C: < 72 % above average (A), 69-72 % average (B) or > 69 % below average (C).

Only cuts of grade A4 to A5 are exported to the west.

For perspective, consider that only 15 per cent of all Japanese Wagyu cattle are classified A4–A5. A5 corresponds to the meat of only a single cow out of 5,000. It comes at no surprise that original Japanese Wagyu is considered the most exclusive, expensive type of beef in the world.