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Blackmore Wagyu Strip Loin

Roastbeef - Rumpsteak

A strip loin steak to die for – Australian Blackmore Wagyu beef strip loin.
Blackmore Strip Loin Steak
Wo liegt das Strip Loin Steak beim Wagyu Beef von David Blackmore?
  • Blackmore Strip Loin Steak
  • Wo liegt das Strip Loin Steak beim Wagyu Beef von David Blackmore?
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The strip loin comes from the short loin and is also known as contrefilet or sirloin steak. Out of the various cuts taken from the strip loin, the faux-fillet is the best-known.

David Blackmore is the first Australian breeder who specialised in Wagyu cattle, their genetics and suitable breeding methods. A fifth-generation farmer, he has studied the Japanese cattle genes and methods in great depth. This has allowed him to rear 100 % thoroughbred Wagyu cattle with fantastic marbling: the fine fat veins in their meat are so delicate and intricate, they are almost a work of art.

To Blackmore, animal welfare and sustainable farming (more details in the category description) are a high priority. His animals live in an open-air system on a diet based entirely on the eco-feeding® principle. Their direct access to natural pastures has an immediate influence on the quality and colour of their meat and fat, giving the resulting beef more complex flavours and textures. Blackmore Wagyu beef comes from animals older than 30 months, whose meat has greater depth of flavour and reflects the traditional aroma of Japanese beef.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 4332
Breeder David Blackmore
Origin Australia
Region High Country, Victoria
Breed Japanese Black
Feeding Eco-feeding® (grass feeding + 100% natural feed)
Ageing wet-aged
Cut Back
Preparation Barbecue, Low & Slow, Roasting, Sous Vide