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Barbarie Duck Le Prince de Dombes Miéral, éffilé

Canette Barbarie female, éffilé

Gutted female Muscovy ducks from the Dombes region, reared by Miéral. Extremely delicious and lean, with succulent red meat. The Dombes region is located right next to the famous Bresse and has the same ideal soil properties. Miéral, the number-one French poultry breeder, sells not only his own Excellence animals under the “Label Rouge”, but also top-class French ducks from other regions.

Barbarie Ente Le Prince de Dombes, effiliert
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The “Fermier Dombes Label Rouge Le Prince” seal of approval distinguishes high-quality poultry from the Dombes region. Only products that meet the stringent quality requirements and controls of the French Ministry of Agriculture are certified with the “Label Rouge“. Miéral is one of few sellers of this poultry; his standards for them are akin to those for his Excellence and AOP animals.

Our Muscovy duck (or Barbary duck) is the domesticated version of the originally South American Muscovy duck, which was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. Unlike other domestic ducks, Muscovy ducks have relatively lean and firm meat.

Gutted poultry is also called paunched. It is manually removed after the slaughter to avoid cutting the animal. This prevents the spread of intestinal bacteria. All other organs and the head and feet remain intact, which gives the meat a longer shelf life and provides insights into the keeping of the animal. Only unhurt feet imply high standards of animal welfare.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Sku 5031
Breed Barbarie-Duck
Supplier Jean Claude Miéral
Origin France
Region Dombes
Cut Whole animal with giblets without intestine
Best before 6 - 12 days from the date of slaughter
Packaging Paper
Verfügbarkeit Goods will be ordered for you
Preparation Backofen