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Roast Chicken

Gillbachtal Rooster

The Gillbachtal rooster is the roast chicken we have always dreamed of. Regionally sourced, large-boned, GMO-free feed, reared in humane conditions with a lot of exercise. The result: firm, flavoursome meat. The roosters at the family-run business in Rommerskirchen, North Rhine-Palatinate, receive complementary feed consisting of more than 50 % home-grown corn. This gives the meat its characteristically yellowish tint and intensifies its flavour.

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Special Cut

Morgan Ranch Wagyu 5-Rib Bone In Chuck Steak

The Wagyu 5-Rib Bone In Chuck Steak from the Morgan Ranch in Nebraska, USA, is cut from the beef neck. It is nicely marbled with fat, it’s juicy and rich in flavour – the perfect steak for your grill.
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Salt Flakes

Murray River Salt in decorative box

Delicate pink and mild in flavour - the salt flakes from the Murray River in Australia are perfect for GOOD MEAT!

Practical: in a transparent decorative box.

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Mini Wagyu Burgers

Morgan Ranch Mini Wagyu Burgers

Our finest burger patties in a bite-sized format. Incredibly succulent and flavoursome. Made from top-class Wagyu meat. The most unique feature of this breed of cattle is the intensive fat marbling of its meat. It gives the meat an excellent taste and incomparable tenderness and succulence. Paradise for meat lovers!

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